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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 400  NBC  December 1, 2016 4:00pm-4:28pm CST

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right to casey geraldo, who's watching the proceedings in milwaukee, casey: roll cue:"..... the day started as planned with inspectors taking their oath, but then before ballots even came out and observer raised a question about how machines were tested. that the inspectors have since checked all the llots to ensure they were correct and began feeding them through the machines.the county clerk believes they are still on schedule. joe czarnecki, milwaukee county clerk(("we're probably a little bit behind schedule, but we fortunately built in a little extra time so i think we're still going to finish today with what we had hoped to finish.")) czarnecki says the city of milwaukee wil keep counting
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smaller municipalities will have to count on their scheduled days no matter how late they might go. the county has a deadf line odecember 11, so they have the 12th to catch up if need be. live in milwaukee casey geraldo today's tmj4. thanks, we want to go to ben jordan in waukesha... where things are going much slower. ben, what's going on? as you know the recount was supposed to start at 9 this morning, has not begun here in waukesha county. here's a look inside the recount room. 20 tabulators have been waiting for hours to fire up their optical scanners, or voting machines. all of which have been tested twice. the hold up has been formalities. first the board of canvassers had to vote on the method. one canvasser motioned for a hand recount however that was denied 2-1. then tabulators, clerks and the public were informed of
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have been going through poll books.... to make sure numbers from the election match their ballot count. now they are working on the absentee logs - making sure those numbers match up. the clerk says they're a bit behind schedule. kathleen novack - waukesha co. clerk{7:5} "i would suspect that we're not for today however i built out a timeline that gives us a potential full last day of no one scheduled."richard farrell - tabulator{41:4} "they'll get it done, they'll get it done, they have three shifts if necessary." fran korthof - tabulator 50:09 i'd hoped we would have started counting the ballots by now. the official recount here in waukesha county is now expected to start this evening with absentee ballots. they plan to call it quits for the day at midnight. live in waukesha, ben jordan today's tmj4. as the recount continues, president-elect donald trump hits the road... out in public for the first time since his indiana, he announced that carrier air won't send a-thousand jobs to
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thank voters. nbc's biran mooar with the latest from washington now: president-elect donald trump aveled to indiana ... where he lebrated caier air's decision not to export a thousand jobs to mexico.((sot: donald trump / president elect / no super:12 - :17))"these companies aren't going to be leaving any more they're not going to be taking pele's hearts out."he was accompanied by vp-elect - and indiana governor - mike pence ... who played a key role in making good on a campaign promise to keep jobs in america. "so ld trump to thank."it's a excited, great news"for workers who'd been bracing for unemployment.carrier sa the state offered seven million doars in incentives over the next decade.but cnbc has confirmed carrier is closing another indiana plant ... exporting 700 jobs to mexico - including the one held by this trump supporter.((sot: bob breedlove / losing his job:51 - :58))"i'm glad he's able to
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also."after indiana ... the president-elect scheduled a rally in cincinnati ... first stop on a thank you tour of the battground states that handed him the white house. brian mooar, nbc news, coming up in just about five minutes, our charles benson talks with wisconsin congressman sean duffy.. and gets ?his? take on what effect the carrier deal might have on workers here in wisconsin. we're going to take a moment now and get our filook a this afternoon. first and there's definitely a touch of winter out there today. meteorologist brian niznansky ins us with the storm team forecast.... flurries and sprinkles may linger through the evening and skies will remain cloudy overnight tonight. lows tonight will be around 30, but a west breeze will make it
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65 years .. that is how long carl barrett jr will spend in prison for his involvment with death of little laylah petersen .barrett was one of two men that opened fire on the five year old's house back in november of 2014. laylah was sitting on her grand-pa's lap when she was shot and killed.milwaukee police say the men wanted revenge for a slaying and mistakenly shot at
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a 24-year-old milwaukee man has been convicted in the overdose death of a 18- year-old concordia university student. shun-taye crenshaw was found ?guilty? of first-degree reckle homicide in the death of caleb ford of waukesha. crenshaw faces up to 25 years in prison. a judge will sentence him in january. they've been a part of milwaukee's landscape for nearly fifty years. today, a grand mallet is in the newsroom with a story new on live at 5... shannon,courtny-- here's the deal.the spirit of buckminster fu afternoon.the once crumbling mitchell park domes are officially repaired, and open to the public.tonight, what's next for our city's beloved geodesicdomes. which remain the only conservatory of their kind in the world.that's coming up on live at 5... ladies-- lookout-- i'm going toet lots of chanto say the word "geodesic!" presidenelect trump says his deal with carrier to keep hundreds of jobs from moviing to mexico sends a message.what
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also.. our kids are oming up. conditioned that christmas is financial expert will be here with some ideas for teaching
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4 your money this afternoon.... here's a look at the markets at the close of business today.... we mentioned earlier...pres ident elect donald trump took a victory lap in indiana today.... ..celebrating his efforts to save hundreds of good-paying jobs from moving to mexico.charles benson talked with republican congressman sean duffy about the carrier deal means to workers in wisconsin. 10:14:23 as you know president elect trump in indiana as wells as vp elect pence at carrier talking about this carrier deal to save a 1000 jobs in indiana. what do you like about this deal and do you have any concerns about this deal?well donald trump is president elect and already he's saving a 1000 jobs in indiana. when he ran the campaign he said was going to fight for american workers and
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before he is even in office he's delivering on that message to those thousand families who were going to go into this christmas season with so much uncertainty - now because of his work his interest has been able to secure their employment with carrier and i think that's a really good thing.10 18 59 give me a sense of what the first 100 days are going to look like like - you're not a fan of crony capitalism.what will republicans do to give him the opportunity to lower taxes and reform regulation - specifically that will help wisconsin on the 100 day question - some of this stuff might take us more time - taxes are going to take us a little more time. it would be remarkable if we go that done in the first 100 days. healthcare we are going to have to bring democrats in and help us out as we look to do healthcare reform and bring done prices and decrease premiums those are going to be harder lifts but we are going to shoot to get those done if the first 100 days10 17 35 are
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transition is going?i think the transition has gone fairly well and i think what mr. trump is looking for is people who can think outside the box and bring ideas to these jobs that are not ideological. they're not left ideologue or right ideologue but ideas that are going to work for american workers. coming up on live at six, charles talks with congressman duffy about why he's not happy with the le recount in wisconsin. storm team 4 now....let's get a look at our weather for the rest of this thursday. meteorologist brian niznansky joins us with the forecast. flurries and sprinkles may linger through the evening and skies will remain cloudy overnight tonight. lows tonight will be around 30, but
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feel more like the 20s.more seasonal weather stays with us tomorrow and into the weekend. highs tomorrow will only reach the upper 30s, which is right on par for this time of year. a continued west breeze will keep wind chills most of the day. we may see a few peeks of sunshine tomorrow, but skies should remain mostly cloudy. we'll see a slight improvement to our weather on saturday. we'll have more breaks in the clouds
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lighter. however, high temperatures stay in the upper 30s. sunday is looking a little interesting with a decent chance of rain and snow. the farther north you go, the more of a chance for snow, while locations south and along the probably see mainly rain. stay up with the forecast if you have plans to head to the
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time now for ask the expert.... in the season of giving, how do we teach our kids it's not all about what you get? gratitude can be one of the
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money lessons for thankful 1. create experiences saving 3. family 4. spit of 5. es mistak happen 5. mistakes giving4. spirit of field trips spirit of giving 5. mistakes happen the latest from wildfire- ravaged tennessee, next.and coming up at 4:30, a new fight against drug addiction in milwaukee. find out about the first of its kind program launched today. that's new at
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a halucenogenic drug that may play a role in treating cancer patients... just ahead.and healthier chocolate with the same rich taste: one candy
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"4 your health".... the majority of people with depression do not get the minimal amou o they need. researchers found only one in five had adequate treatment in ?high? income countries. in the poorest nations, only one in 27 had suitable care. depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide. the hallucinogenic compound in magic mushrooms may help ease anxiety and depression in cancer patients. those are the findings of two small and preliminary studies. in some cases, the effects lasted for months. experts say more definitive research needs to
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scientific breakthrough -- that could reduce the level of sugar in its candy by up to 40- percent.using natural ingredients .. the company can change the structure of sugar ... so less can be used in chocolate without affecting the taste. nestle plans to start using the new process in 2018. thanks for joining us today at four.there's more news
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now at 4:30 - a new effort launched today.. in hopes of getting potentially dangerous prescription drugs off the street. it's a free program that makes it easy to dispose of unused, unwanted or surplus


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